Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Music Shola Ama -- You might need someboby

Although this song is more than 15 years old I still love it!
Great Job Shola Ama!
Hope to hear of you again!

Iyanya celebrates his birthday today!

Iyanya is celebrating his birthday today!
Have fun with my favorite music of him!

Self-marketing good or bad?

In life you have to be able to sell yourself. The sale does not include any money in the literal sense but in a figurative sense. We sell ourself at work, we are always friendly, reliable, properly, hardworking ... Every day we try to get the best out of us, so that we stand out from the crowd. The whole is called self-marketing.We do this with neighbors, friends, acquaintances, relatives, even our children. The same thing we do with our life partners. We strive to be a good wife or girlfriend. We do the housework, prepare his favorite food, support him where we can. As a good and modern woman, we support our men financially if his salary is not enough. And exactly here I can bring a good example of a successful self-promotion.

I start with an example: In a household husband and wife are working. The salary of the husband is not enough to cover the entire cost, (400 ($ € ...) are required ...
(Ms A) Lets her salary automatically be paid into the joint account.
The first months the husband will be grateful to her, but after a while it becomes for granted.

(Mrs. B) Lets her salary be paid on her account and then gives it to her husband.
The content is the same, because each month both women give the money, but there is one big advantage for (Mrs. B), every month she reminds her husband that she helps him!
So he is forever grateful her! Simple game. "Do good and talk about it" (Walther fish). Even if she does not say anything, her act says everything. This woman finds a very effective and very subtle way to sell herself as a good and supportive wife every month. Some people understand the game very well and can use it anywhere, I think it's a super talent. Successful people use self-marketing to achieve their success.

How you market yourself at work, in marriage, with relatives or friends? What is your attitude about self marketing? Do you find it good, or rather bad?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Exercise: How many faces do you see...

Find out how many I saw here....

"Parade of Charm" by Vlisco

O my God, as I have seen today the first images of the new collection from Vlisco, I could not hold back my excitement! Wow, I was immediately in love. See for yourself! The pictures speak for themselves!

Just Stunning!

Visit their website:

Friday, October 26, 2012

African Cup of Nations 2013

Soon it's time to start the "Confederation of African Football" (CAF= African Cup of Nations). Between 19 January to 10 February 2013,  16 teams will compete for the coveted trophy. This time my favorite team Togo and Nigeria will take part!
This is so great!

I wish both teams the best of luck and hope that the games will be a big party.

Team Togo

Team Nigeria

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Funny Thursday!

Shakira dancing with baby bump!

Shakira is so cute with her growing baby bump!
She is trying to dance like before but pregnant women do not look sexy, they look sweet!
She is sweet!

Music MI Abaga - Ashes (Tribute To ALUU4)

This song is special because it deals with the barbaric murder of four students. (ALUU 4).
 Lyrics and song is very touching!

We were down a sandy beach,
All night talking to your mouth’s words.
Tell me where you would like to be.
Tonight don’t be afraid to dream.
Lean on the fire for a while.
Cause in the morning it’ll all just be ashes on the ground
Instead it be them, let it be me.
Since I will die inevitably,
Then let it be, that it be said
When I am dead: some other was free, some other was fed
Some other, not me, was able to see
That long as we live inside a country where no one is safe,
No one is safe.
We only evade, try to escape
The imminent doom
But closer the date looms.
It comes for all.
If we must go, then at least,
When we fall…
When we’re all ashes…
If I am slain, let them forever remember the name
Some other should gain.
When we’re all ashes…
Because of my pain. Because of my tears because of my scars
Some other should gain.
When we’re all ashes…
The reason I’m gone. Let it be told, let it be known, and turned into song
When we’re all ashes…
If I die alone. Let it be more than dying alone, the reason I’m gone.
The reason I’m gone.
Instead it be sleep.
Let it be hate, let it degrade.
Let it be deep.
Some other should weep
Some other should keep
The memory of
The way that I died
Maybe a change, some other can try
At least we can lie. At least we can hope
At least we can say
tomorrow is better, it wont be today
Some other can pray
Some other can fight
The wrong done to me some other can right.
Then maybe my death can save some other life
For then I would gladly give another life
When we’re all ashes…
Let it be worth
Let it be so some other can live. Let it be birth.
When we’re all ashes…
As I am hurt
As I pass, let it be last, let it be first
When we’re all ashes…
Don’t let them forget
The only regret is that we relent. We all should repent..
When we’re all ashes…
If I die alone,
Let it be more than dying alone. The reason I’m gone
The reason I’m gone
Feels like I stood there watching,
the pain the brutal torture
And added my silence to the violent screams
Of: Burn and torch em.
How do you earn misfortune?
Or does it come unbidden?
If life’s a painted portrait,
Who puts dark colors in them?
If there’s a God in heaven,
Surely he’s weeping now.
As all the blood is shedding
As all His people drown.
God help us all.
Rest in peace Chidi.
Rest in peace Lloyd
Rest in Peace Tekena
Rest in Peace Ugonna
Rest in peace to the Students murdered in Adamawa state.
Rest in peace to those two young girls.

Written and Produced by MI Abaga
Opening sample from ‘Words In The Fire’ By Patrick Watson
Poem written by Jason Abaga.

Beauty of the Day

Nollywood star actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde! She is glowing more than ever!
It's unbelievable that she is a mother of four kids!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Heidi Klums Halloween Cleopatra Costume!

This is the costume Heidi Klum attend to wear on her yearly Halloween Party! I love it!

Online Game with Linda Ikeji

Yuup you here right, there is a new Online-Game called Linda Ikeji vs. The World. You can play it here Description: Help Linda Ikeji escape angry celebs. Use the mouse button to jump over obstacles and ditches I try it but I do not go far. So go and try it, have fun!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cutie of the Day - my son!

This is my sweet little man, he is one year old last week, and on that very day he made his first steps!
Therefore I will give thanks to You, O LORD, among the Gentiles, And sing praises to Your name. 2 Sam. 22:50

Have a wonderful Day!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gorgeous Mercy Johnson

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie, looks happily pregnant! She is glowing In the truest sense of the words.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Which actresses do you find here...

In this picture there are some Nollywood/Ghollywood actresses do you find them. I sound Nadia Buari, and that's it! Can you find more?

Guess who...?

Get the answer after cut...

Funny puppet show you must watch this video!

This is so hilarius!!! This Guy has a great talent!


Wow, this guy not only looks good, he's got a great voice! Have goose bumps! So beautiful!
I'm impressed!

Van Vicker-Happy wedding anniversary

Van Vicker with wife and his three kids!
Ah, how beautiful is that? Ghanian movie star, Van Vicker, and his wife are celebrating their nine-year wedding anniversary! I'm happy for the them, Van wrote the following on his Twitter Page
And this is what he wrote on facebook Its being 19yrs with you. 10yrs of boyfriend, galfriend and 9yrs of marriage. Where I fall short u strengthen me and I become ur strength when u r weak. Today I thx God for u and for us and all He's done for us over the years. He is seeing us thru. Let's gun for 25yrs next. Thx for accepting to marry me 9yrs ago. I love lovin u, my wife. Muah.
How sweet is that!
I pray for them, that their love grows in the coming years even more!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Success starts in your head!

Yesterday I had the best adrenaline rush for some time. And this was for a stranger, extreme sportsman Felix Baumgartner!

Baumgartner succeeded his jump from the stratosphere. With this jump he succeeded in three world records:
Highest-manned balloon flight 39,045 meters (128,100 feet)
Highest-speed with a speed of 1 342.8 km / h (833mph)
-highest freefall
What I admire is his strong will, his audacity and his unconditional faith that he is able! With these three qualities a man is able to withstand any circumstance and to make the impossible possible!

We must not undergo daredevil jumps, everyone can dream his personal dream and make this come true!

In each of us there is a Felix Baumgartner! At least, his will, his faith and perseverance! I wish you all a good night with this great knowledge!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Felix Baumgartner-First human to break the sound barrier in a free fall?

Today at 17:45 Clock (MEST) the extreme sportsman Felix Baumgartner wants try something unprecedented. He wants to be the first man to break through the sound barrier in a free fall. With a helium balloon he rises today from Roswell, New Mexico, into the stratosphere. At 36,579 meters above the earth he wants to get out of his capsule and plunge headlong into the abyss.
The risks associated with this jump is huge, just a thin pressure suit protects Baumgartner against cold, lack of oxygen and low air pressure. The slightest mistake can end up deadly.
Who is Felix Baumgarnter: Born in Salzburg, Austria in 1969, Felix began skydiving at the age of 16 and polished his skills as part of the Austrian military's demonstration and competition team. In 1988, he began performing skydiving exhibitions for Red Bull. The company's out-of-the-box thinking and Felix's adventurous spirit clicked, and they've collaborated ever since.
By the 1990s, Felix felt that he'd gone as far as he could with traditional skydiving, so he extended his canopy skills with BASE jumping - parachuting from a fixed object or landform. He finds that the lightning-fast reflexes and precise techniques required by such low-altitude feats also enhance his high-altitude skydiving technique.
Felix has made world-record BASE jumps and has been nominated for a World Sports Award and two categories in the NEA Extreme Sports Awards. He is also a prominent advocate for the nonprofit Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation. And, while he acknowledges that the Red Bull Stratos mission is a step into the unknown, his determination to reach the edge of space and break the speed of sound is unshakable. "If Red Bull Stratos is successful, we can share data that hasn't been available ever before," Felix states. "I would be proud to be able to make such a contribution."
It's definitely unique! I wish Felix Baumgartner strong nerves and good luck!
All images are from


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Music Dollar DJ - Wolosso Azoubagehi

This song is from the Ivory Coast, the first time I heard it was six years ago at a party. When I got home I spent a lot of time to find it on Youtube, and one day when I had almost given up hope my son has just clicked on this clip on youtube, I wanted to scold him with much but when I heard what song it was, I could not. Since it is one of my favorite songs in my playlist! How do you like it?
Have a wonderful Saturday, I will definitely, because we are invited to a birthday party.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Black male homosexual marriage

Today I stumbled on this YouTube video. It is the first time that I see a black male homosexual marriage, I swear! It's an unusual picture for me. Reportedly this same-sex wedding video has triggered a huge rage and hatred in the american black community. How do you feel about this topic? I personally like this video!

A planet full of diamonds!!!

"DIAMONDS are a Girl's best frriend" and now an entire planet could be our best friend!
Researchers at the U.S. Yale University have discovered a terrestrial planets, consisting of at least one third of diamonds - which is three times the mass of Earth in gemstones!
The planet "55 Cancri e" is about twice as large, and eight times as massive as the Earth, and only 40 light years away. Researchers were initially assumed that the chemical composition of the earth is similar and called him because of his size, "super-Earth". Is only now, the scientists have found that "55 Cancri e" consists of one third of diamonds, a condensed form of carbon.
"The surface of this planet is probably covered with graphite and diamond - and not with water and granite," said Nikku Madhusudhan, scientists at the U.S. elite Yale University. "So this is the first view of a rocky world, whose chemical composition is very different from the Earth."
The planet rotates very fast to its sun - its year lasts just 18 hours! Because it passes so close to the sun, where there are temperatures of 2148 degrees on average. Life is impossible on "55 Cancri e".
I want it, now now :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Music: Nneka - Lucifer (No Doubt)

Lyrics to Lucifer (No Doubt) :
It is Dollars, it is Euros, it is Sullis, it is Pounds, it is Crowns, it is Yens, it is Lyons
Still the clouds are gray, did u want us to believe that u love us, more than u love yourself
We have been waiting, to trust u since, had u praying on blood wounded knees, for u to hear us out,
in distress, must confess, you have achieved what is best, for the devil to rule our lives, to ruin this world
Oh no doubt, I am loving you more than I love myself
With your mouth,
you stole my soul so I could not love myself
Oh no doubt
I am loving you more than I love myself
With your mouth
you took my soul so and so I cannot love myself
For there was in our minds, our soul, in the world
there are books, there are laws, there is religion, for confusion, for control
Every corner there is dread, there is pain, is there love in the heart of man, for we know what we do

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Music: Rick Ross ft Drake & Wale - Diced pineapples

I'm in love with this song!

Music: Capo Snoop - Windeck

Cabo Snoop is singer from Angola. He was born in Luanda on 1 November in 1990. "Windeck" was his first song and came out in 2010. He will release a new album in this month.
How you like the song?

A jobless husband what would you do?

I can’t even remember when my husband stopped working.
And frankly, I don’t have time to think about it, between my full-time job and my fledgling business, volunteering at an after-school program to help teenagers prepare for the professional world and mothering two children.
But when I do think about it–when I think about all the times I come home to see evidence of his entire day’s activities cluttering the coffee table, or when I have to take our shared car to work and strand him at home because he doesn’t feel like getting up to drive me–I’m angry.
Why should he get everything, when I do everything?
The idea of a wife being the primary or sole breadwinner is a relatively new one (though a new study shows that over half of American women are household breadwinners), but speaking as that sole earner: I don’t like it.
How We Got Here
My husband and I met on my first day of work, at a job with a local utility company that I got right out of high school. That job paid for me to attend college, and I still work there to this day. It took him two weeks to work up the courage to ask me out, and we’ve been together ever since, about 20 years.
I bought my house before we were married, so although he lived with me, I was the sole owner. In 2001, I took a new position and he left the utility company to care for our daughter after a surgery–I supported that, for obvious reasons. After, he re-entered the workforce to work for a friend’s mortgage company, where he made half of his previous salary.
Then, when the economy crashed in 2008, the mortgage company failed and my husband was out of a job. Since he would be home, he took on the role of Mr. Mom (though he hates when I call him that): cooking, cleaning occasionally and being there for our two children, who are now 7 and 16. Our kids are older now, and while I’d like him to go back to work, he isn’t interested.
While he was transitioning, so was I. I started my own party-planning company. Now, I work a 9-5 job at the utility company so the family has health insurance and a steady paycheck. Then, I work nights and weekends to supplement my income with party planning, which is my real passion.
I would love to do my event planning (a job my husband hates because it takes me away from the house) full-time… but right now, we need my income to pay all of our bills. I don’t have money for an emergency fund, and my husband couldn’t support us if my business didn’t pan out. Unfortunately, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.
He’s Happy With His Unemployment … and His Secret Money
Considering that my volunteer work means I look into job opportunities for young people and help them with skills such as writing their résumés, I’m in the perfect place to help my husband with his job search.
He’s been unemployed now for four years, and is supposedly looking. He says that the economy is terrible and that
there are no jobs, but I remind him there are job fairs and temp agencies. I forward job opportunities to him, but he has other arguments against getting a job: The kinds of jobs available (things like working for a local transportation company) are “humiliating”; there are no jobs to be had.
Those excuses are buoyed by the fact that he has money. From where, I don’t know, because he won’t tell me (frustrating, huh?). He thinks I’ll disapprove … which I will, if he’s getting it from his indulgent, retired parents or through gambling with his friends, both of which are possibilities. His money goes toward groceries for the family, car maintenance, hanging out with friends and personal items, like clothes. He actually doesn’t hide his spending from me, but he never tells me exactly what things cost.
My Finances vs. His
We don’t share bank accounts. I contribute to my retirement savings and our children’s college fund, as well as pay the mortgage and the bills. He contributes to none of these things, and has at this point drained his retirement savings–but I couldn’t tell you how much that was to begin with, because he’s not open about it.
I have no savings otherwise, because all my money is needed to support our household.
I see our gender dynamic playing out in our children: Our teenage daughter is a hard worker who does her chores, participates in extracurriculars like debate team and interns with my event planning company. Our young son rarely does his chores or homework, but expects to get everything he asks for, when he asks for it.
He sees that his father doesn’t work for things, and he doesn’t, either. Plus, when I try to give him tough love, his father or grandparents cave in when I’m not around. Part of it is that he’s so young, but I worry he doesn’t have a male role model to teach him the value of hard work.
What Next?
Ideally, my husband and I would contribute equally to the household expenses. Even if he could cover half the mortgage, I would be happier. Right now, we can’t afford to go on a family vacation or renovate the kitchen, which needs some work. My husband knows how much his disinterest in working bothers me, and so does the rest of my family. (Except the children–I don’t want them to feel like I do, like their dad isn’t doing what he should for them.)
I do feel like I’m at a breaking point.
I’ve told him before that he needs to move out, but after 20 years, he knows how to apologize, promise he’ll change and keep me from pursuing a separation or divorce. My friends say that if he was married to anyone else, he wouldn’t get away with this. They say it makes me a pushover, and I’m puzzled by it, too.
I’m non-confrontational and generally very laid-back, but I have no problem standing up for myself … except when it comes to my charming, lazy husband.
Sometimes I think of getting divorced, but we live in Pennsylvania, which means legally he’ll likely be entitled to half of our assets from the marriage–half of my assets. I try so hard to be upbeat and not let this bother me, but on our last anniversary, I started telling him how I felt about his lack of contribution and motivation, and nothing has changed since then.
Our next anniversary is coming up fast … and I’m not sure we’ll make it.
This article was originally published in Huffington Post.
What would you do if you were in her shoes?

Guy Ritchie and GF are engaged!

Today we'll start with good news. Guy Ritchie and model girlfriend, Jacqui Ainsley, are engaged. The 30-year-old model is the mother of his 13-month son, Rafael. The couple expect their second child soon, Jacqui Ainsley is pregnant again! Guy Ritchie, director of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, was eight years married with pop star Madonna. Guy Ritchie is also the father of biological son Rocco and adopted son David from his marriage to Madonna! His relationship with Jacqui Ainsley already exists since 2010. Wish them both a smooth birth of their second child and a fabulous wedding!

music: Terry G - See Grooves 2

This is the new song of nigerian artist TERRY G. Me likey!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Funny :)

LOL Have a wonderful evening!

Thoughtful article from M.I.

Nigerian rapper M.I. (Jude Abaga)wrote this very thoughtful article! The hope is the worst part of it The way they lay there, beaten and broken, battered and bruised. Knowing their end had come for certain. Knowing that the crowd meant to see this through to the end. And yet, in the midst of all this certainty, in some small corner of their hearts, hoping. That something would happen, some miracle perhaps. I am speaking of course, of the #Aluu4, students of University of Port Harcourt who were beaten and set ablaze last week. I’d heard the news sometime last week and devoted all of 10 seconds of thought to it. I wondered briefly who the students were, and what could possibly have driven them to steal. I briefly wondered if they were really guilty but my mind quickly shied away from where that road could lead. I remembered all the stories I grew up hearing about thieves and the instant justice meted out to them, and mentally shook my head. That would have been all, I suppose, but for the video. It is probably the most gruesome thing I have ever seen, and the worst I ever hope to see. Hope. There, I’ve said it again. Somehow it seems there is no escaping it. Because when things like this happen, it seems our default reaction is to hope it will never happen to us or any one we know or love. Then we hope that our religion and hard work and luck will exempt us from senseless suffering. Sometimes we hope that right thing will be done, the wrong doers brought to book, and the victims receive some sort of justice. Every day we hope the country we live in will be a better place for us and for our children. And that is the problem with hope. That we have allowed it to cripple us and render us inactive. You , me, all of us who sit by hoping and doing nothing to change. Read on Bellanaija

Monday, October 8, 2012

Why? Death of the Uniport students

I have long hesitated whether I should write this post or not. But since I could not think about anything else, I decided to write about it. For three days my heart hurts a lot. On Friday, four students were beaten brutally and then they were burned alive. And why? Because they have allegedly stolen a laptop and an iPhone! Meanwhile, there is another version of the story, claiming that one of the four murdered wanted his borrowed money back, the receiver could not pay, so they took his iphone and laptop in pledge, until he pay back the money. No matter how these four young men did not deserve to die. Meanwhile, 13 of the perpetrators were caught. I am of the opinion that it is not enough! The problem is a societal problem and therefore the government must take a position. They must condemn this act. Who failed in your opinion the most? The police, the perpetrators, the bystanders, the society itself, the laws? This topic also touches our celebrities, here are their reactions!

Beauty of the day!

The "Beauty of the Day" is gorgeous nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda. Check out her webpage: