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Sunday, March 6, 2016

New Artist Lucy - Special driver

Yeah, African music industry has two new artists that we have to look out to. Paul Okoye, one of the duo of popular music duo P-square, has signed two new singers that I really like. One of them is Lucy.

 Lucy doesn't just have the looks but she actually has a good voice. I love her first song called "special driver" that has a dancehall style.

I will really like to hear more from her.

Friday, January 11, 2013

music: RIC Hassani - Dance Dance baby dance

R.I.C is a nigerian artist. I have to confess that I never heard of R.I.C Hassani, but I will surely watch out for more of his music! "Dance, Dance Baby Dance" is his current tune.
Wetin you do is another song of him too.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Music: D'Prince - Take Banana

Hey Guys, What do you think about the song of D'Prince "Take Banana"? For a good song, you need more than just half-naked girls who wiggle their Bum Bum. Maybe the song title said it all!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Birthday P-Square

P-Square is my favorite band and the two celebrate their birthday today! The first song, which they have completely convinced me was "temptation." I've heard this song several times a day. Since I know P-Square, my whole (music) focus is on African pop music. For about 5 years, we play almost exclusively African pop music at our parties! And P-Square plays a major role in our playlist. Today the twins celebrate their 31th birthday! I wish them a happy birthday and may God fulfill all their wishes.
So as a birthday present to the fans, they have today released the music video for their latest song "Alingo"!

I think it's great. See for yourself!

Here are some old pictures of them!

Peter  performing Micheal Jackson in 1995 

Continue to see my brother who celebrates his birthday today too...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

"Flavour" new song by Iyanya!

Iyanya has done it again. After "Kukere" and "Ur waist" he releases a new song "Flavour".
This song has that "Iyanya sound" that invites your body to move. Listen to it!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Music MI Abaga - Ashes (Tribute To ALUU4)

This song is special because it deals with the barbaric murder of four students. (ALUU 4).
 Lyrics and song is very touching!

We were down a sandy beach,
All night talking to your mouth’s words.
Tell me where you would like to be.
Tonight don’t be afraid to dream.
Lean on the fire for a while.
Cause in the morning it’ll all just be ashes on the ground
Instead it be them, let it be me.
Since I will die inevitably,
Then let it be, that it be said
When I am dead: some other was free, some other was fed
Some other, not me, was able to see
That long as we live inside a country where no one is safe,
No one is safe.
We only evade, try to escape
The imminent doom
But closer the date looms.
It comes for all.
If we must go, then at least,
When we fall…
When we’re all ashes…
If I am slain, let them forever remember the name
Some other should gain.
When we’re all ashes…
Because of my pain. Because of my tears because of my scars
Some other should gain.
When we’re all ashes…
The reason I’m gone. Let it be told, let it be known, and turned into song
When we’re all ashes…
If I die alone. Let it be more than dying alone, the reason I’m gone.
The reason I’m gone.
Instead it be sleep.
Let it be hate, let it degrade.
Let it be deep.
Some other should weep
Some other should keep
The memory of
The way that I died
Maybe a change, some other can try
At least we can lie. At least we can hope
At least we can say
tomorrow is better, it wont be today
Some other can pray
Some other can fight
The wrong done to me some other can right.
Then maybe my death can save some other life
For then I would gladly give another life
When we’re all ashes…
Let it be worth
Let it be so some other can live. Let it be birth.
When we’re all ashes…
As I am hurt
As I pass, let it be last, let it be first
When we’re all ashes…
Don’t let them forget
The only regret is that we relent. We all should repent..
When we’re all ashes…
If I die alone,
Let it be more than dying alone. The reason I’m gone
The reason I’m gone
Feels like I stood there watching,
the pain the brutal torture
And added my silence to the violent screams
Of: Burn and torch em.
How do you earn misfortune?
Or does it come unbidden?
If life’s a painted portrait,
Who puts dark colors in them?
If there’s a God in heaven,
Surely he’s weeping now.
As all the blood is shedding
As all His people drown.
God help us all.
Rest in peace Chidi.
Rest in peace Lloyd
Rest in Peace Tekena
Rest in Peace Ugonna
Rest in peace to the Students murdered in Adamawa state.
Rest in peace to those two young girls.

Written and Produced by MI Abaga
Opening sample from ‘Words In The Fire’ By Patrick Watson
Poem written by Jason Abaga.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Music Flavour N'abania - Baby Eku

I'm really disappointed, I was so happy to see the new music video from Flavour N'Abania. - And then that, in Germany, this video is blocked on Youtube! It's such a s ** t! Well, so I had to look for alternative, and I stumbled on this video! I think that she can dance very well, and the song is a killer song! I like it and am looking forward to the next party on which it is played!
Before I forget the song is called "Baby Eku"!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Banky W and little brother

Banky W and Brother

Banky W just tweetet this picture with his little brother, Funmi Wellington! The two bothers are very cute! or what do you think?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Music: EME ft. Wizkid, Skales, Banky W--- "Baddest Boy"

Wow I have a new catchy tune, "Baddest Boy" is a great song to party, I am looking forward to dance on it.  I know! Wizkid is very talented, he gives the song a unique sound, I love it! Banky W has the sweetest tooth space, I know!

Enjoy this great song!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wizkid's Birthday

Today is the birthday of a young and very talented musicians. He is this year's EME-Award winner, Wizkid! He is celebrating his 22nd Birthday. May God prosper his future more and more!

I posted two of my favorite songs of him.

Wizkid ---Pakurumo

Wizkid ---Wiz Party

Which of his songs Are your favorite songs?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

D'Banj -- Oyato

Hey Dears,
Be the first to hear D'Banj newest song "Oyato"! I had long been curious about this song, I wanted to know if and how his music would sound, after the separation from Don Jazzy

But I think this song sounds great, the African influence is still present.
I do not think this song is a smash hit like "Oliver Twist".

I'm looking forward to further cooperation with Kanye West and D'Banj.
What do you think about this song?