Friday, January 31, 2014

advanced model advertising lingerie

Fashion has no age limit! In this sense, the U.S. fashion label American Apparel has hired a 62-year-old model. That's nothing unusual. The unusual is that it presents lingerie. The model, Jackie O'Shaughnessy, is wearing their new collection of bandeau bras and lace knickers. Without question, Jackie has a great shape. I hope I'll have such a good shape as Jackie.
But I do not know if I would model with a great body like this. For this, you need courage. And Jackie has it!

Jackie O'Shaughnessy for American Apparel

Pastor arrested for fake Currency Printing

What annoys me about him the most is that he shows no insight. But trying to make excuses. Too many fake pastors around the world. Is only God we can trust!

Touching video of returning soldiers

This video is so touching, it shows returning war soldiers and the first to meet with family. Very emotional.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

African Divas: Juliana Kanyomozi (Uganda)

African Divas is to introduce you to the great singers from Africa! We have great singers in Africa, which unfortunately did not get the attention as their male colleagues.
Today we start with one of my favorite singer, Juliana Kanyomozi from Uganda!

 Juliana Kanyomozi, is a Ugandan female musician, actress, and entertainer. She was born in Uganda on 27 November 1980.
She has won five consecutive years, the PAM Awards. (Pearl of Africa Music Awards (also known as PAM Awards) are annual national music awards in Uganda. Juliana also won the East African music awards and Best International afrobeats act at BEFFTA Awards (U.K)

Juliana Kanyomozi is a cousin to King Oyo, the reigning Omukama of Toro, in Western Uganda. She is the mother of a son.

 I love her voice. See for yourself here are two of my personal favorite songs from her.

Juliana Kanyomozi - Usiende Mbali


Juliana Kanyomozi - Nakazadde

A very beautiful woman with a fantastic voice! Hope to hear more of her.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Heidi Klum is Single again!

Heidi Klum and her boyfriend of one and a half year Martin Kirsten go their separate ways. This was confirmed by the agency of Heidi's father Guenther Klum in a telephone conversation with RTL (German channels). What is the reasons for the split, both still remain silent! The model and the 41-year-old came together a few months after Klum's separation from singer Seal.
Last Sunday, she posted a photo of himself in a boat with the words "Peace and quiet". Maybe she needs exactly that at the moment!

Heidy caption this picture with "Peace and quiet"

Vin Diesel dancing on music of Katy Perry and Beyonce

Today there are so many interesting stories that I would like to post, but when I sit at a post I find in my research, another interesting story. As this video of Vin Diesel. It's a hit at the time. The actor has filmed himself while he was dancing on the songs of Katy Perry's Dark Horse and Beyonce's Drunk in Love. Although I believe that his dancing skills are very lowly, but somehow it makes him very likeable! Keep on Vin Diesel!

Hope you had fun like me!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Indian eight year old boy can DANCE!

Speechless jurors and an ecstatic audience: This is the Dance Arts of an eight year old boy who thrilled the audience of "India's Got Talent". Watch the videi below.

Have a great evening!

Taylor swift had fun on Grammys

Taylor Swift definetly had fun at the Grammys last night! She danced on almost all the Gigs! Watch her dancing on Kendrick Lamars and Imagine Drgons performance!

Annie Idibia and hubby Tuface are fooling around in their first instagram video!

It must be love! Annie Idibia and hubby fool around their ​​first Instagram video. The two are simply to die for! This videos of the lovebirds made my day!

Video: Beyonce performs "Drunk in love" on the Grammy's

Beyonce opened yesterday the Grammys with her superhit Drunk in love. Her husband Jay Z joined her during her Gig. Definitely one of the hottest performance this evening. Watch the video!
By the way Beyonce did not win a Grammy but her husband won a in the category "Best Rap / Sung Collaboration".

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sonnie Badu - Wonder God

Papa /Daddy O, wetin na don’t do? (pdg: What can’t you do?)
You bless me, my life you make better
Oh what shall I render, unto the Lord?
For all the good things you have done for me (Repeat)
The things that you go do for me, nobody can do
The miracles up in my way, you [...?...]
Eledumare, [yrb:Creator of the universe] nothing compares to you
Kabiye osi [yrb:Almighty God], you’re a wonder in my life
I’ve never seen this kind God before
(Wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder)
Jesus (Nawa o, nawa ya o) [yrb:I'm amazed] x5
(Verse 2)
Oh Eledumare [yrb:Creator of the universe]
Oh Ta lo dabi re? [yrb:Who is like you?]
Ahh Washuba rerewo [..?..]
Kabiye osi [yrb:Almighty God] (Baba) (x?)
(Verse 2)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Revenge porn is officially a crime in Israel

Finally a step in the right direction!
Finally a step in the right direction! Revenge Porn is the pinnacle of Ciber-bullying. Revenger porn means: private pictures or video are posted online mostly by ex-lovers. The consequences of such an act can be devastating. Many victims cann't live a normal life afterwards. Pictures on the net are almost impossible to remove. This means that the victims suffer sometimes a lifetime. However, the perpetrators go unpunished in most cases. But now Israel has fought for the rights of victims. Israel has now anchored Revenge Porn as a criminal act in the law. The perpetrators could face up to five years in prison.

Medical staff swapped his sperm with those of the husband

Unbelievable story!
A woman and her husband underwent infertility treatment in the early 1990s. Now they learn their daughter, contrary to what they thought, is not the man's biological child.
Instead, her biological father is a former medical technician responsible for preparing sperm samples.
That's the situation facing a family that received treatment at the University of Utah Community Laboratory and Reproductive Medical Technologies Inc., known as RMTI.

The university says it's investigating the case.
It has put together a panel of physicians and retained an independent medical ethicist. The university is also offering paternity testing to families that may be affected, and set up a hot line for patients with questions.
"We sympathize with the anxiety this family has experienced. We do not know how this occurred and are carefully reviewing the concerns raised," the University of Utah Health Care said

Dr. Sid & Don Jazzy - Surulere

This is such a beautiful song. With a great meaning: Surulere means in Yoruba language Patience is rewarding. He who can exercise patience today will be rewarded tomorrow! Good job Dr. Sid and Don Jazzy


Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Okoyes are celebrating

I really like this picture of P-Square and their growing family. I instantly fell in love this the cute children and with Pauls Fiancee Anita. Peter posted this picture on instagram. His daughter Aliona was celebration her 1 year birthday yesterday. 

Beauty of the day ...Flora Coquerel

Beauty of today is Miss France 2014 Flora Coquerel.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Best selling author with the age of just 13!

Adjeoda Tekpor
This is the incredible history of Adjeoda Tekpor. Adjeoda Tekpor, 13, is a Togolese. He moved with his family 2002 in the United States. So far, nothing very original. But read on. Excellent student, recipient of numerous awards from different schools where he studied, Adjeoda is already the author of two fantasy best selling novels "The Blade of Anubis" and "Strange".
In the spirit of Harry Potter, Adjeoda Tekpor takes us into a strange world where a child of 11 years must deliver an epic battle between God and the devil. The scenes take place alternately in the Antarctic and Texas. With the right amount of mystery and magic.
It is very well written, full of suspense. Both books involve the reader in a great adventure.

Buy it here

Music Praiz feat. Awilo Logomba - Oshe

Good morning Guys, let us start this morning with this great dance song! Love this collabo nigerian singer Praiz and congolese musician Awilo Longomba

Funny picture

White people be like ...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Guess who...the revelation


Do you remember my current Quiz (Guess who? ...). So now the answer comes, it was Basketmouth as a little boy. Basketmouth is a great comedian, without question, but with Bovi he is unbeatable. The two nigerian comedian are both amazing! See for yourself in this video!

I wish you a good night!

Tribute to Komla Dumor

I really loved watching this video! Komla Dumor was indeed a great gift from Ghana (Africa) to the world. The presenter died unexpectedly on saturday. May his soul rest in perfect peace!

Guess who...

Here a few tips for you! He is a very successful Nigerian stand up comedian. So, have fun guessing!

Later, I will dissolve the quiz and show you my favorite sketch of him!

The Rock bought a new ride for his housekeeper!

This should serve as a role model for many of us. The well-known actor and former wrestler Dwayne Douglas Johnson  (aka The Rock) has bought his housekeeper, Esperanza, a brand new Ford Edge! "10yrs she's looked after our home like a loving mama. Just surprised Esperanza with a new ride! #WeLoveU  the actor posted on his Twitter account along with this picture.

The Rock and Esperanza (housekeeper)

 What a nice gesture! #HardShellSoftOnTheInside#BlessedToBlessOthers

Monday, January 20, 2014

Meaning of ...Josephine

Josephine was the only girl name that I've really liked.
My husband and I were blessed in November last year with a sweet girl. Well what can I say I got my Josephine . But I confess that I have not sought for the meaning , as I already thought that the name is a feminine form of the name Joseph. I love the story of Joseph in the Old Testament . This story shows that a hopeless situation in life, can mean a great turning point in life .

Now I have looked for the original meaning. Josephine is the feminine form of Joseph, and it derived from the Hebrew Yosef. It means: May Jehovah add / give increase.

How beautiful is that? I love the name even more!
Famous namesake is of course Josephine Baker!

Josephine Baker

May Jehova add (increase) anything you wish this week!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Funny but with a lesson!

1) They will finish this donkey.
2) He does not know the gallantry
3) We know who's boss at home
4) They are stupid! They have a donkey and they do not ride on it.

Do your thing and do not pay attention to the talk (Gossip) of others!

Private pictures of Beyonce and Family

 Blue Ivy celebrated her second birthday on the 7th of this month. Beyonce shares some picture of the celebration.
Among the guests were former Destiny's child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

Beyonce with Blue Ivy

More pictures when you continue

Video: The real Gentleman!

See how this boy has helped his little sister.
It has warmed my heart.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Have a good night!

Fashionista: Coco van M

This black beauty is called Coco van M and is a Togolese singer. She actually lives in the Netherlands but is currently in Togo on promo tour.

I love your great African-inspired dresses!

And also listen to their current good mood hit "sugarcane"

Have fun dear!Check for yourself and share your thoughts!

More picture when you continue

Monday, January 13, 2014

Fally Ipupa had a car accident

Fally Ipupa

Fally Ipupa, the Congolese superstar, had on Tuesday night last week a very tragic car accident in the capital city Kinshasa. The artist and an unknown female passenger came from a recording sessions.

The artist must probably have had guardian angel, because he suffered only minor injuries. The passenger was not so lucky she had to be hospitalized.

Today, the singer showed pictures of the car accident on Facebook.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Zahara - Phendula (Answer me)

I love this praising song today! May God answer all your Needs!

 (Sung in Xhosa)

 Nkosi yami phendula ngiyacela x4 (Answer me my God, I ask you)
 Refrain: Phendula phendula phendula x4 (Answer me, answer me, answer)
 Sinikela kuwe sincamile ngokwethu x4 (We give all you you, for you know our sorrows/sufferings)


 Umhlaba wonke, ujonge nguwe (The whole world, looks to you)
Ihlube kuyethu, Yaziwa nguwe (Our sorrows/suffering, You know them all)
Anezifo zethu, Sophiliswa nguwe (Our diseases, you heal them all)
Unovuyo lwetu, Luvela kuwe (Our joy, is in you)


 Hau Afrika, Afrika… (Refrain)

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The sensitive side of Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh is a talented Nigerian actress, who also like to take new paths, no matter what others say. But like any powerful woman, she also constantly struggling with fears. She revealed this is one of her so far most sensitive post on Instagram. This is what she wrote today:

"I waz scared for so long,Scared of a Simple Smile,scared of sayin I LOVEL u n mean it,Scared to over succeed,Scared to not Help,Waz so scared to Acknowledge waz unhappy coz am scared of been too happy n it b cut short**Yo,I waz scared to LIVE but I ve Realized Thiz iz ma Life n nothing sweeter Dan conquering ur fearz n Being Strong..Nothin sweeter Dan being a fearlezz u,Life'z gonno go on/Pazz u by/leave u wit d "I wizh I" phraze n Itz never gonno b FAIR***Never b afraid to loze anytin,I say wat ever I loze haz no VALUE**. Never tie ur happinezz to any1 or anytin.. B d person to make U happy n U'll never b scared of lozin Happinezz coz u wldnt loze U** #POKO

Friday, January 10, 2014

Kim Kardashian and Nicole Ritchie as teens

This is Kim Kardashian and Nicole Ritchie at the age of 13.
Kim Kardashian. Nicole looks so cute with those braces. 

Music: Zahara - Destiny!

Hello Peoples,

is been a while but finally I'm back! I missed my lil Blog and especially my Reader.
I hope you had a great start in this year of 2014!

Lets start this year with this great song by south african singing sensation Zahara with her song "Destiny".

Such a great song with a wonderful message: "Only God knows how long it will take for me to reach my destiny...But I know I have to find my own destiny"

I pray for all of you to find your Destiny in this year of 2014!!!!


Some people live their dreams
Some their destiny pass them by
Tell me the reason why nothing ever stays the same
Sorrow and shame whoo oo oo oo hoo oo oo
Only God knows how long it will take for me to reach my destiny [x2]

Everything maybe rushing on me
Everything maybe too slow on me
But I will be here holding it down
I know where I am going.....

Winning, loosing doesn't matter 
I will keep on trying
I won't give up 

Everything maybe rushing on me
Everything maybe too slow on me
But I will be here holding it down
I know where I am going.....

People telling me it's a highway
And a ponder of letting go
But I know in each and every end of the tunnel
There will be a little light in the end
And I thought of taking the route everybody else
Oh yes has been taking
But I know I have to find my own destiny hoo hoo

Everything maybe rushing on me
Everything maybe too slow on me
But I will be here holding it down
I know where I am going.....