Monday, August 11, 2014

Pics: Omosexy on a vacation with her family

Good morning guys,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend so that you can start this week positively and heavily energized!

Nollywood superstar actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and her cute family are on vacation in South Africa and they shared some pics with us.

Deliscious food cooked by Omotolas daughters Meriah and Princess, looks yummy!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Music: Magic! - Rude

Good morning fam,
hope you are having a relaxed saturday! I'm currently enjoying the smash hit ot Magic! "Rude". I love this song to bits, hope you like it too.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Passengers tilt train to free trapped man's leg

Hello guys, this story is soo touching, got to share it witz you!
Passengers in an Australian station saved a fellow traveler from an unfortunate situation by joining forces. The man was stuck with one leg between train and track.

Photo: Nicolas Taylor/Twitter

People power has been used to free a man who became trapped between the platform and a train at a Perth station yesterday morning.

Scores of passengers, together with staff at Stirling station, managed to tilt the carriage so the man could free his leg which was wedged in the gap.

The man was boarding a Perth-bound train at about 8:50am when he slipped and became stuck.

Transperth spokesman David Hynes said the man was boarding at the tail end of peak hour, but the train was still fairly busy.

"He stood in the doorway and as he was sort of taking up his position there, one leg slipped outside the door, slipped outside the gap, and he was stuck," he said.

"We alerted the driver, made sure the train didn't move.

"Then our staff who were there at the time got the passengers, and there were lots of them, off the train, and organised them to sort of rock, tilt the train backwards away from the platform so they were able to get him out and rescue him."

Mr Hynes said the train was stationary when he slipped.

A man's leg was stuck in a gap between a train and platform at Stirling station in Perth.

An ambulance was called but the man was not taken to hospital. It is believed he did not sustain serious injuries.

Mr Hynes said it was not a problem caused by overcrowding.

He praised the actions of staff and passengers who assisted in freeing the man.

"Everyone sort of pitched in," he said.

"It was people power that saved someone from possibly quite serious injury." Passengers push a train carriage to free trapped man leg stuck gap - rescue perth train Australia Passengers push a train carriage to free trapped man's leg stuck gap - rescue Australia People power frees man trapped by Perth train wedged between the gap in Perth passengers push a train carriage to free a man's leg stuck in the gap [Amazing rescue] Riders Come Together To Free A Mans Leg From Under A Train Commuters Push Train To Free Trapped Passenger In Perth, Australia Watch as the passengers tilt a train to free a commuter whose leg was trapped between a carriage and a platform in Western Australia. The man was boarding the service in suburban Perth when he slipped, prompting a mass rescue effort.

Watch the incredible moment people rally together pushing a train to free a man who's leg was stuck between the tracks in Perth, Australia

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fashion: INYU - African inspired couture with a french twist

I love this Ankara inspired collection by INYU
INYU is an online boutique that is dedicated in representing  african inspired fashion.
 The products offered on the site are manufactured in France or Africa.  The products are all  limited to guarantee a uniqueness. INYU derives from the English language (in you), as to reveal the unique being that is "in you"!

Please visit them here:

Doctor Damages Show - Comedy show

Hey Fam, I just found a new show on youtube that I really enjey, it is called "Doctor Damages Show" it is a comedy show based on nigerian News (mostly). I really laughed so hard. I hope you'll enjoy it too, have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Song: Mr. Probz - Waves

This will be my last post for today, but the best for last. Enjoy this beautiful song from the Dutch singer Mr. Probz. It's called "Waves" and is just beautiful! Have a wonderful evening!

Africa is the future

Just found this on youtube and want to share it with you guys.
Africa is an oppurtunity for great businesses in all sectors. The video sumption it all up. Africa as a continent is the future not a faillure as the western media always like to show.
This continent is gaining more value in the international community, and I believe it is legitimate.
Ebola and other crisis can't bring this glowing future down!

 Aliko Dangote, the richest man of africa just announced at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit: "At Dangote Group, we have two major partnerships: Dangote has partnered with BlackStone by investing $5 billion in infrastructure and power across Africa. With this, we will close the gap. And we are going to be very serious. "We are also investing $1 Billion in to petroleum and financial services."

 This is a good start I think!


What is the meaning of... Sarah

One of my wonderful Facebook follower asked me recently, what the meaning of her name Sarah is. So I thought of creating a post about the meaning of Sarah. In the Bible, Sarah was the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Her name was originally Sarai (quarrelsome), but God commanded that her name be changed to Sarah before the birth of her son. The Hebrew name Sarah indicates a woman of high rank and is translated as "princess" or "noblewoman"

Popular women the the name Sarahare: Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City) and Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy)

Sarah Michelle Gelar

In Muslim the meaning of the name Sarah is: Pure. Happy.

Monday, August 4, 2014

I've seen these to videos of two dangerous and strong animals today, that amaze me soo much! The first video shows a woman that is surrounded by Cheetahs, see what will happen! The next video shows a leopard that kills a baboon just to find out that it carried a newborn, what happen then will suprise you all. A proof that animals also feel compassion.

New in: Awilo Logomba - Bundelele (official video)

New hit track by the hitmaster himself Awilo Logomba. The new single by the Congolese artist is called "Bundelele is a mix of typical Awilo sound and with a brazilian samba twist. I love it what about you!

Beyonce - Flawless (original vs remix)

Have to make a confession, I love Beyonces song "Flawless". There was a time I was even obsest with it. But I have to admit that it was the original one, this very new Remix with Nicki Minaj, is not really mine! I really thing that this song never needed a remix because it's a statement on its own! Below you'll find the original song and the remix version of it, feel free to share your ipinion about, wish versioin do you like the most?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

It's sunday

Yes, today is the Day the Lord has made. He Grave You another Opportunität to find your Way back to him. Rejoice and keep God always in your Heart and in your mind and don't forget to read Your Bibel! Have a wonderful Day with God!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dr. Sid and Simis wedding in pictures

What a beautiful wedding that Dr. Sid and his wife Simi Osomo had today in Lagos, Nigeria.
Especially the bride stuns everyone with her beautiful Carolina Herrera wedding gown! One of the most beautiful wedding dresses I've seen this year so far!

Wishing them a happy married life!

Here comes the bride... in a dress by Carolina Herrera

The happy couple

Their wedding bands

The bride in her second dress by Elie Saab

Their first dance was on You and I by John Legend

These are some pics from their guests
DoroDica Tiwa Savage
Ice Prince

Korede Bello
DoroBoss Don Jazzy
Toke Makinwa

Tania Omotayo


Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, Toke Makinwa, Freda Francis

In this video you see the bride Simi who handed her bouquet to her sister

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Kayswitch and girlfriend welcome their baby

Singer KaySwitch and his girlfriend Meenakshi Monica Subramani welcome their baby. This is the first child for the brother of D'Banj, and his girlfriend, a former Liberian beauty queen. 
Kayswitch shared the picture of his new bundle of joy some hours ago!

Kayswitch and girlfriend

Vlisco new collection "Hero"

Good ,orning Dears, I hope your weekend starts vwell!
Just saw this collection by Vlisco and was eager to share it with you!

See more pictures after the cut

Friday, March 14, 2014

Pre wedding pictures of Paul Okoye and fiancee Anita Isama

Love is surely a beautiful thing! Paul Okoye, the other half of P-Square, has found love 11 years ago. Anita Isama is the chosen one. She is the mother of his son, Andre. Both waited for the right time and it seems that this year is the year they are ready to take their relationship to the next level. They will celebrate their traditional wedding on the 22th of March in Anitas hometown Port Harcourt.
These pictures are a foretaste of the upcoming wedding!

We wish them a powerful love that will endure all the obstacles and missunderstandings that are inevitable in a marriage. Hard times are there to proof our our love for one another. No marriage is easy and No marriage is perfect but packed with love, patience, and with God it will surely be a beautiful journey!

More pictures after the cut...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

HIV protection gel for women - very soon reality

Drugs applied three hours after infection could protect female monkeys from a type of HIV, US scientists said.
The findings, published in Science Translational Medicine, could lead to new ways to fight HIV, which is continuing to spread globally.
Experts say large clinical trials would be needed to test any new treatment, and condoms remain the best defence.
Vaginal gels containing HIV medicines have had mixed success in human clinical trials.
In the latest research, a US team took a different approach, testing a new HIV treatment in monkeys that has the potential to work after HIV exposure.
They found the gel protected five out of six monkeys from an animal-human laboratory strain of HIV when applied shortly before or three hours after infection.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, which led the study, say it is a "proof of concept" in an animal model.
Dr Charles Dobard, of the division of HIV/Aids prevention, told BBC News: "It's a promising after-sex vaginal gel to prevent HIV infection.
"Studies still need to be done to look at the window [of opportunity] - is it six, eight, 24 hours?"

Read the full article here:BBC News

Song: Happy (Lome, Togo)

This song is a garantee of good mood ! Enjoy it a have a "happy" day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Homeless lottery winner

This video made ​​my day!
The heart-warming stunt what Organised by YouTube prankster the Magic of Rahat, who has built a reputation on his unsuspecting victims freaking out.

But on this occasion, he decided to do some good by setting up the fake lottery win to make the man's day, giving him the $ 1,000 to keep for real.


 “The homeless man’s selfless gesture immediately went viral, inspiring fans to ask Rahat to help them do something for Eric, too. “Rahat set up a fundraising page on Thursday with the hopes of collecting $20,000 to help Eric get back on his feet. As of Monday afternoon, the campaign had collected more than $30,000.

 “Rahat has also continued spending time with Eric. He has posted fundraising updates on Twitter, and shared a photo of himself, his videographer, Trey, and Eric after the three had lunch together on Sunday.

 “During an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit on Thursday, Rahat said that he put Eric up in a hotel for two weeks.” Thanks to Eric, Rahat and the Internet for proving that humanity isn’t always awful. 


The pencil and the ERASER

PENCIL: I'm sorry ...
ERASER: Why? You did nothing wrong ...
PENCIL: I 'm sorry, you get hurt because of me ... Whenever I make a mistake , you're always there to erase it. But when you make my mistakes vanish , you lose a part of you and you become more and more small ...

ERASER : That's true , but I do not care ! You see, I was created to do , I was created to help you when you do something wrong, even though I know one day I 'm gone .. I 'm really happy with my work This ... is my mission here on earth. So please , stop worrying , I hate to see you sad ...

- "Our parents are like gum, and we kids like pencil .. They are always there for their children , clean our mistakes ... Sometimes along the way , they get hurt and become smaller ( old and finally die ) . Take care of our parents, treat them with kindness and ESPECIALLY love them . " May God give our parents a long life!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nigerian man stripped off his clothing and beaten by South African policemen (video)

This is such a shame!
A man believed to be a Nigerian was stripped off his clothing and beaten by South African police. The man was handcuffed and made no great resistance! Some kicks were directed at his genital area. This happened in broad daylight on a busy in the Kesington Street, Cape Town. The incredible fact was recorded by an eye-witness in a high rise and put on Youtube. Due to the massive outrage on social networks, meanwhile, the Competent Authority has taken the first steps. On his own Twitter account, the Authority wrote the following: "Alleged conduct by WC Kensington members - WC Prov Commissioner's Office Instituted steps to establish_link the facts & take the matter further."
No one deserves to be treated that way. I hope that those involved receive appropriate punishment.

20 strangers kissing for the first time (video)

This is such a beautiful video of 20 Strangers that kisses for the first time. See the sparks in some of the "couples". The video has gone viral in just some hours.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Karma is real!

I love this story about Karma! Every Good you do must one day come back to you! Watch and see what I mean!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Do you believe in reincarnation?

A question that everyone has asked at least once in life: Is there reincarnation? The science has not yet found an answer, and yet there are many who believe in it. I found this video from the web and I was amazed at the similarity between current stars with deceased people.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

African Diva: Lizha James

Elisa Lisete James Humbane, popularly known as Lizha James was born December 12, 1982 in the capital of Mozambique. She is one of the biggest musicians in Lusophone Africa. 
By the age of 14, Lizha joins one of the most famous house music groups in Mozambique - Electro base. However her career gains a boost only when she started to perform solo,
launching her first album in 2000.

Lizha James has since won four Channel O Music Video Awards. Including twice as "best female artist". 

She was also a model for companies like Coca Cola, Sabco; Mcel; King Pie, etc.
Lizha is married and has one daughter.

These are my favorite songs by Lizha James, I hope you like it as much as I do!

Lizha James - Quem Ti Mandou (Who sent you)

Lizha James - Mama 

Lizha James ft. Perola - Leva Boy

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Emmanuel Houndo - Drunk in Love by Beyonce

Hey Guys, listen to this young westafrican Violinist! I really love his version of "Drunk in Love" by Beyonce ft. JayZ, this really melts my heart.


Monday, February 10, 2014

True love: Peter Okoye and Lola Omotayo

I really love the love story of Peter Okoye (P-Square) and his wife Lola Omotoya
Peter share their love story in an interview Genevieve magazine. Read the story:

"After we had scaled the hurdle and became friends, I kept preventing her from coming to my house because everyone called her boss.From her wristwatch and everything, I would be like."CHEI! This person no be my level"
One day, I took ill and I guess she tried to reach me but I wasn't picking up. She then called brother who told her I was ill. To my horror she then came over to my house. To be honest with you, I was so ashamed that after she left, I wanted to know who invited her to my house"That person don buy my trouble".

I remember living in a small room which my brother and I shared.Our bed was a mattress on the floor. The wardrobe had clothes overflowing to the floor and the room was littered with unwashed plates and half drunk pure water nylons. I was lying down as a broken fan did its best to circulate the air and she walked in and said hello.
I felt as if I was dreaming. The picture of five boys sharing a two-room apartment was definitely an eye sore. I didn't know where to look when she came in. She just tip-toed to where I was and looked at the environment then called her driver and asked him to come into the compound.

"She picked two shirts and asked me where I kept my underwear.I didn't want her to go there so I told her they were washed and drying outside .She helped me get into her car and took me to her house. I remember sleeping in her arms as we drove through thick traffic. Although I wasn't really ill by this time, I pretended  to be very ill especially as I saw the layout of pounded yam and Egusi with goat meat... she gave me some medication and I stayed at her place for three days and kept pretending to be ill because I din't know how to go back to my house.

Infact it was the first time in my life I was sleeping in a room with an air conditioner"
Now tell me this love story didn't being tears to your eyes...

Peter Okoye's a really good guy, many others would after they have fame and success leave the woman.

Lola is a good lady, she don't look down on him but lift him up. She proofs to him that she loves him no matter the condition he is in.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Music: Eagle Eye Cherry - Save tonight

Eagle-Eye Lanoo Cherry (born 7 May 1971, in Stockholm, Sweden) is an American-Swedish musician. He is the son of jazz artist Don Cherry and the brother of Neneh Cherry. At the age of 12, he was sent to school in New York, where he stayed on to work as an actor and a drummer in various bands. It was not until 1996 that he returned to Sweden to begin writing and making his debut album, Desireless, which became a commercial success throughout the world during 1998-1999. I still love this song!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Music: Detox ft. Toofan - Shine for me

What a beautiful song! "Shine for me" is a song by Cameroonian singer Detox featuring Togolese successful duo Toofan. A great combination of English and French. You will definitely love to dance on on this nice track!

Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo dance video!

A hilarious video of Yvonne Nelson, John Dumelo and Majid Michel. Danced on song "Oga at the top" remix. I love the song and their dance moves are just to die for! I liked the facial expressions of John Dumelo. It looks sooooo hilarious!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

African Divas: Alicios Theluji (Congo)

Alicios Theluji

Alicios Theluji is an emerging African singer. She was born in November 1987 in Congo and spent there until her 7th birthday. Unfortunately, she had to flee with her family to Kenya because of the civil war. She sings in four languages ​​(English, French, Swahili and Lingala). Her music is heavily influenced by Congolese rumba and Zouk rythms. Her first hit single was "Mpita Njia" which she sang with the equally talented Juliana K. The lyrics are about a heartbreaker.  An exceptional artist whose thoughtful lyrics reflect the themes of everyday life. 

Alicios is not only talented, but also smart, she pursues an online degree on Business Administration at BTH University in Stokholm / Sweden.

In an interview with TAP may Alicios was asked what influenced the African youth the most. Her answer has impressed me very much.
Here is an excerpt from the interview:

TAPmag: What 3 issues do you think affect the African youth the most today?

  • Lack of confidence: The majority of African youths believe that there are other races that are superior than them when it comes to intelligence. History has somehow proven that right; at least the history thats being put on our faces. Its up to parents and teachers to help these children improve their self esteem because it will allow them to dare, dream bigger and to believe in their ideas. Everything starts with an idea and you only get to make something big out of your ideas when you have confidence in yourself. Its very important for the youths to be told our history from the African perspective. We need to tell them about our heroes; that will only strengthen them.

And as Whitney Houston once sang '' give them a sense of pride, to make it easier....'' 

  • Lack of freedom of speech: As a young person or mostly a woman, your voice is not really attended to. When interacting with adults, sometimes even appearing smarter than them is seen as a sign of disrespect. In African families, Dad is always right! Even if you have a better idea than him, you will still have ti keep it to yourself because he is supposed to always look smarter than you. So we are not really encouraged to be free thinkers and to express ourselves from an early age. A brain is like a muscle, if you dont engage it, it gets lazy and eventually dies. I also think our governments can really use the youths creative minds to the benefit of everyone. Young people are very creative, if nurtured and used properly, I really believe they can produce more than we think.
  • Lack of opportunities/jobs: Just the thought of you not being able to get a decent job after you've finished university alone takes away your motivation and will to study and go through school. 
Alicios Theluji

TAPmag: If you had to change something about Africa, what would it be!

It would definitely have to be Tribes and tribalism...they draw lines among us and i feel like they have more disadvantages than advantages. We need to understand that ''we can'', TOGETHER! I really want to see Africa united. Our own tribes have been used as a wepon to destroy us throughout the history. We've come a long way, but we still have so much to do. And I believe that we'll get there! If we UNITE!!!

Read the full interview hereTAPmag

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Gospel song: Mena Mwana - L' Eternel est bon

Hello Dears, I'm wishing you a wonderful sunday. Be blessed and controled by God and his love!

(Sung in French)
Et mon âme te loue, Et mon âme t’adore (My soul praises you, My soul adores you)
Et mon âme te loue, Car nul n’est comme toi (My soul praises you,For there’s none like you)
C’est un chant nouveau, Qui monte dans mon cœur (There’s a new song,From my heart)
Un cantique d’amour, Pour mon seul sauveur (It is a song of love for my only savior)
Il m’a pris de loin, Il m’a lavé (He took me away and washed me)
Et m’a racheté, Et placé à ses côtés (Redeemed me, and placed me beside Him)
Je n’ai plus peur de rien, je ne crains plus rien (I’m no longer afraid, I fear nothing)
Car le bon berger, Est de mon côté (For the good shepherd is by my side)
Même les ténèbres, n’ont plus aucun pouvoir sur moi
(The darkness has no power over me)
Car la clé de la mort, c’est mon maître qui la tient
(And it is my master who holds the keys over death)
Quand Il me tient la main, (When He holds my hands)
Nous fonçons droit dans l’armée de l’ennemi (We run at the advancing army)
Et le grand Goliath, se retrouve par terre (And Goliath the great falls to the ground)
Lui seul me suffit, Lui seul est tout pour moi (He alone is everything to me)
Quand je ne sais comment dire, je me mets à chanter (When I do not know how to speak, I sing)
L’eternel est bon (x3), il est bon pour moi (The Lord is good, He is good to me)
Ses bontés divines, son amour parfait (His divine goodness, His perfect love)
Ses empreintes d’en haut, font ma différence (His hand from above, is my difference)
Je ne suis qu’une fille, et lui est mon Papa papa papa
(I am simply a child, and you my father)
Oh regarde bien, j’ai les traits du ROI (Look closely at the face of the King)
Lui seul me suffit, Lui seul est tout pour moi (He alone is everything to me)
Quand je ne sais comment dire, je me mets à chanter (When I do not know how to speak, I sing)
Lui seul me suffit, Lui seul est tout pour moi (He alone is everything to me)
Quand je ne sais comment dire, je me mets à chanter (When I do not know how to speak, I sing)


Friday, January 31, 2014

advanced model advertising lingerie

Fashion has no age limit! In this sense, the U.S. fashion label American Apparel has hired a 62-year-old model. That's nothing unusual. The unusual is that it presents lingerie. The model, Jackie O'Shaughnessy, is wearing their new collection of bandeau bras and lace knickers. Without question, Jackie has a great shape. I hope I'll have such a good shape as Jackie.
But I do not know if I would model with a great body like this. For this, you need courage. And Jackie has it!

Jackie O'Shaughnessy for American Apparel

Pastor arrested for fake Currency Printing

What annoys me about him the most is that he shows no insight. But trying to make excuses. Too many fake pastors around the world. Is only God we can trust!

Touching video of returning soldiers

This video is so touching, it shows returning war soldiers and the first to meet with family. Very emotional.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

African Divas: Juliana Kanyomozi (Uganda)

African Divas is to introduce you to the great singers from Africa! We have great singers in Africa, which unfortunately did not get the attention as their male colleagues.
Today we start with one of my favorite singer, Juliana Kanyomozi from Uganda!

 Juliana Kanyomozi, is a Ugandan female musician, actress, and entertainer. She was born in Uganda on 27 November 1980.
She has won five consecutive years, the PAM Awards. (Pearl of Africa Music Awards (also known as PAM Awards) are annual national music awards in Uganda. Juliana also won the East African music awards and Best International afrobeats act at BEFFTA Awards (U.K)

Juliana Kanyomozi is a cousin to King Oyo, the reigning Omukama of Toro, in Western Uganda. She is the mother of a son.

 I love her voice. See for yourself here are two of my personal favorite songs from her.

Juliana Kanyomozi - Usiende Mbali


Juliana Kanyomozi - Nakazadde

A very beautiful woman with a fantastic voice! Hope to hear more of her.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Heidi Klum is Single again!

Heidi Klum and her boyfriend of one and a half year Martin Kirsten go their separate ways. This was confirmed by the agency of Heidi's father Guenther Klum in a telephone conversation with RTL (German channels). What is the reasons for the split, both still remain silent! The model and the 41-year-old came together a few months after Klum's separation from singer Seal.
Last Sunday, she posted a photo of himself in a boat with the words "Peace and quiet". Maybe she needs exactly that at the moment!

Heidy caption this picture with "Peace and quiet"

Vin Diesel dancing on music of Katy Perry and Beyonce

Today there are so many interesting stories that I would like to post, but when I sit at a post I find in my research, another interesting story. As this video of Vin Diesel. It's a hit at the time. The actor has filmed himself while he was dancing on the songs of Katy Perry's Dark Horse and Beyonce's Drunk in Love. Although I believe that his dancing skills are very lowly, but somehow it makes him very likeable! Keep on Vin Diesel!

Hope you had fun like me!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Indian eight year old boy can DANCE!

Speechless jurors and an ecstatic audience: This is the Dance Arts of an eight year old boy who thrilled the audience of "India's Got Talent". Watch the videi below.

Have a great evening!

Taylor swift had fun on Grammys

Taylor Swift definetly had fun at the Grammys last night! She danced on almost all the Gigs! Watch her dancing on Kendrick Lamars and Imagine Drgons performance!

Annie Idibia and hubby Tuface are fooling around in their first instagram video!

It must be love! Annie Idibia and hubby fool around their ​​first Instagram video. The two are simply to die for! This videos of the lovebirds made my day!

Video: Beyonce performs "Drunk in love" on the Grammy's

Beyonce opened yesterday the Grammys with her superhit Drunk in love. Her husband Jay Z joined her during her Gig. Definitely one of the hottest performance this evening. Watch the video!
By the way Beyonce did not win a Grammy but her husband won a in the category "Best Rap / Sung Collaboration".

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sonnie Badu - Wonder God

Papa /Daddy O, wetin na don’t do? (pdg: What can’t you do?)
You bless me, my life you make better
Oh what shall I render, unto the Lord?
For all the good things you have done for me (Repeat)
The things that you go do for me, nobody can do
The miracles up in my way, you [...?...]
Eledumare, [yrb:Creator of the universe] nothing compares to you
Kabiye osi [yrb:Almighty God], you’re a wonder in my life
I’ve never seen this kind God before
(Wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder)
Jesus (Nawa o, nawa ya o) [yrb:I'm amazed] x5
(Verse 2)
Oh Eledumare [yrb:Creator of the universe]
Oh Ta lo dabi re? [yrb:Who is like you?]
Ahh Washuba rerewo [..?..]
Kabiye osi [yrb:Almighty God] (Baba) (x?)
(Verse 2)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Revenge porn is officially a crime in Israel

Finally a step in the right direction!
Finally a step in the right direction! Revenge Porn is the pinnacle of Ciber-bullying. Revenger porn means: private pictures or video are posted online mostly by ex-lovers. The consequences of such an act can be devastating. Many victims cann't live a normal life afterwards. Pictures on the net are almost impossible to remove. This means that the victims suffer sometimes a lifetime. However, the perpetrators go unpunished in most cases. But now Israel has fought for the rights of victims. Israel has now anchored Revenge Porn as a criminal act in the law. The perpetrators could face up to five years in prison.

Medical staff swapped his sperm with those of the husband

Unbelievable story!
A woman and her husband underwent infertility treatment in the early 1990s. Now they learn their daughter, contrary to what they thought, is not the man's biological child.
Instead, her biological father is a former medical technician responsible for preparing sperm samples.
That's the situation facing a family that received treatment at the University of Utah Community Laboratory and Reproductive Medical Technologies Inc., known as RMTI.

The university says it's investigating the case.
It has put together a panel of physicians and retained an independent medical ethicist. The university is also offering paternity testing to families that may be affected, and set up a hot line for patients with questions.
"We sympathize with the anxiety this family has experienced. We do not know how this occurred and are carefully reviewing the concerns raised," the University of Utah Health Care said

Dr. Sid & Don Jazzy - Surulere

This is such a beautiful song. With a great meaning: Surulere means in Yoruba language Patience is rewarding. He who can exercise patience today will be rewarded tomorrow! Good job Dr. Sid and Don Jazzy


Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Okoyes are celebrating

I really like this picture of P-Square and their growing family. I instantly fell in love this the cute children and with Pauls Fiancee Anita. Peter posted this picture on instagram. His daughter Aliona was celebration her 1 year birthday yesterday. 

Beauty of the day ...Flora Coquerel

Beauty of today is Miss France 2014 Flora Coquerel.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Best selling author with the age of just 13!

Adjeoda Tekpor
This is the incredible history of Adjeoda Tekpor. Adjeoda Tekpor, 13, is a Togolese. He moved with his family 2002 in the United States. So far, nothing very original. But read on. Excellent student, recipient of numerous awards from different schools where he studied, Adjeoda is already the author of two fantasy best selling novels "The Blade of Anubis" and "Strange".
In the spirit of Harry Potter, Adjeoda Tekpor takes us into a strange world where a child of 11 years must deliver an epic battle between God and the devil. The scenes take place alternately in the Antarctic and Texas. With the right amount of mystery and magic.
It is very well written, full of suspense. Both books involve the reader in a great adventure.

Buy it here

Music Praiz feat. Awilo Logomba - Oshe

Good morning Guys, let us start this morning with this great dance song! Love this collabo nigerian singer Praiz and congolese musician Awilo Longomba

Funny picture

White people be like ...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Guess who...the revelation


Do you remember my current Quiz (Guess who? ...). So now the answer comes, it was Basketmouth as a little boy. Basketmouth is a great comedian, without question, but with Bovi he is unbeatable. The two nigerian comedian are both amazing! See for yourself in this video!

I wish you a good night!

Tribute to Komla Dumor

I really loved watching this video! Komla Dumor was indeed a great gift from Ghana (Africa) to the world. The presenter died unexpectedly on saturday. May his soul rest in perfect peace!