Friday, August 31, 2012

Retro Music: Iwassado: Nayanka Bell..

Hello everyone, I wish you a good night with this beautiful song by Nayanka Bell from the Ivory Coast. Have a good sleep.



Lady Gaga photoshoplpped

Lady Gaga cover the latest Vogue! The original picture was corrected so that you have to wonder what was kept from the original picture. Why?

Fashion: Nyah und Ich

Nyah and I, is a German fashion label from Bonn. Your pieces are very modern, light and playful. I like the combination of wax prints with simple but creative cut.
Visit their Facebook Page:nyah-und-ich

I love it, what about you?



First love

First Love
I ne'er was struck before that hour 

With love so sudden and so sweet, 
Her face it bloomed like a sweet flower 
And stole my heart away complete. 
My face turned pale as deadly pale. 
My legs refused to walk away, 
And when she looked, what could I ail? 
My life and all seemed turned to clay.

And then my blood rushed to my face 
And took my eyesight quite away, 
The trees and bushes round the place 
Seemed midnight at noonday. 
I could not see a single thing, 
Words from my eyes did start -- 
They spoke as chords do from the string, 
And blood burnt round my heart.

Are flowers the winter's choice? 
Is love's bed always snow? 
She seemed to hear my silent voice, 
Not love's appeals to know. 
I never saw so sweet a face 
As that I stood before. 
My heart has left its dwelling-place 
And can return no more 
John Clare

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Retro music: Nat & Natalie Cole "Unforgettable"

With this beautiful song I wish you a good night.
See you tomorrow with more interesting news from the world of the Internet!



Comedy Teju Babyface

Teju Babyface is a successful Nigerian comedian. Teju and his fiancee Tobi Banjoko are celebrating their traditional wedding today. May God bless their union. IJN. Amen

Meanwhilem enjoy this youtube video of Teju Babyface!

Love xoxox


The Paralympics

The Paralympic Games have begun. Since yesterday, the Paralympics have begun in London. Yesterday was the opening ceremony. In this Youtube video highlights were summarized. Have fun with. Hopefully the African athletes win a few medals!

Man infected 16 persons with the HIV virus!

Today I read an incredible story, a Swiss music teacher infected knowingly 16persons with the HIV virus.
The victims were participants of his music lessons. The man had obtained the blood of HIV-infected people. With the help of a sharp object (injection / needle) he has stabbed in the neck or back of the participants. The man saw himself as a healer who wanted to inject the affected persons a 'third eye'. The music teacher is not infected. The man is not mental abnormal. The charges were brought against the man. Can there be justice for these victims? The lives of these affected is damaged forever even if the perpetrator is sent to prison.

I sometimes wonder what kind of world we live in? and Cheryl Cole were involved in a car accident and Cheryl Cole have had a car accident yesterday. The two superstars have spent until 3 o'clock in the studio in LA. crashed his Cadillac against a parked car. He had only a bloody nose, Cheryl Cole was not so lucky because her airbag did not open, so that she was knocked at the dashboard.
Both tweeted that they are doing well. "Cheryl Cole were coming back from the studio but she and I are fine ... just a little whiplash."

Cheryl Cole: "Do not worry @ iamwill are fine, promise x."

Thank God they are all well!

Love xoxox


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One Boyfriend is not enough, see how many this girls have and how they manage them! Very funny!

Some campus girls are asked, how many boyfriends they have, why they have more than one and how they manage them all. A quite revealing  interview. To all guys out there: You must watch it :)

Happy Birthday Mercy Johnson!

HAPPY Birthday Mercy Johnson Okojie. She is one of the best actresses Nollywood. Some roles she plays so real that you forget that it is a movie. For me it is the best actress of Nollywood. The diva has married her sweetheart Prince Odianosen Okojie last year. I envy Mercy Johnson Okojie for her stunning body. These perfect formed hourglass shape is simply awesome.

Fashion: Ella & Gabby

Ella & Gabby is a fashion label based in Nigeria. She was launched on April 14 this year by designer Ada Mgbudem.
The label describes, in my opinion best: Fabrics collected around the world combined with fabrics from the African coast make the perfect union that becomes the Ella & Gabby woman. This collection is warm, glamorous and most importantly universal. Contrasting lace and African prints are a perfect symbol of how different worlds can work together in perfect harmony "
On the AFWL they prenentierten an exciting collection for women 'of the world'. 

Ella & Gabby is just stunning!

Love xoxox


Images credit to: Karyn Louise/Catwalk Capture

Retro Music: R.E.M. - Shiny Happy People

R.E.M - Shiny Happy People. I love this song, even if it is an old song. I can not believe that it is already 21 years old! As a little girl I have heard it a lot. My parents had it recorded on a video cassette. The videotape was with former MTV songs and whenever we did not like the TV program, we turned the video on. The family then sat together and had a cozy time. Such times were the best! I can remember more likely of such moments, than the gifts I have received in my childhood. So that was a small jump in my childhood but now back to the future :)

I look forward to this day, I have prepared some interesting posts!

Do not miss it!

Love xoxox


Monday, August 27, 2012

Tonto Dikeh is 'Future Award' winner!

Tonto Dikeh is this year's Future Award winner for 'Actor of the Year'. Unlike last year, she was able to beat Ini Edo

Tonto Dikeh- Actor of the year
Here are other winners:
Wizkid Musician of the Year

Denrele Edun On-Air-Personality (TV)  

Tolu 'Toolz' Oniru -  On-Air-Personality (Radio)   

Micheal Collins (Don Jazzy) - Entrepreneur of the Year (Entertainment)

Togo opposition leader calls for sex strike!

A Togolese opposition leader, Isabelle Ameganvi calls on a weeklong sex strike, so that arrested demonstration participants are released. Last week the security forces had arrested 120 demonstrators in a clash between the security forces and the protesters. The protesters are against the new electoral reforms that favor in their view the ruling party.
Meanwhile, 112 were released, but the remaining eight were in possession of weapons (knives).
"I am inviting all women to observe a one-week sex strike, fasting and prayers to set our arrested brothers and husbands free," says Isabelle Ameganvi, "So all you ladies have to keep the gate of your 'motherland' locked up to all men up from Monday to Sunday." In this context, the women should wear red pants to express their anger!
If the prisoners are not released until Thursday, the women will storm the jail naked to force the release.

"We await them, in a state of rule of law like ours, we will get them arrested for offending moral values​​," security minister Damehane Yark said.

I wonder how this story continues.

What's your opinion, is it the only way for women to put pressure on a government, especially in Africa?

The first man on the moon is dead!

The first man on the moon is dead!  Neil Armstrong was the first man to set his foot on the moon, which was on July 20, 1969. His saying: ". That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind" is legendary Neil Armstrong died at the age of 82 years.
He will always be remembered!
May his soul rest in peace!
When I heard of his death, I immediately have to think of the hit song by REM: "Man on the Moon"
Just listen to this beautiful song.

I wish you a stress-free Monday.

love xoxoxo

Sunday, August 26, 2012


BERRY'S COUTURE is a fashion clothes store from Abuja, Nigeria. Founded in 2009 by the designer Hadiza Yakubu-a. The Fashion Label creates designer clothes for women and men in all sizes and shapes. Their collection at this year's African Fashion Week in London (AFWL) is very feminine with a classic cut. Very nice collection!

If you have interest in their pieces then contact them:
FCT Abuja, Nigeria. 
4, Kumasi Crescent Wuse II
Abuja, Nigeria, Africa.
+234807 517 7766, +234803 5988931 

Image credit to: Rob Sheppard/ CatwalkCapture 

The Dynamites - Chineke Idi Mma

Good morning Dears,
our little trip to the relatives went very well. Finally it's Sunday, I love Sundays, this is the only day you spend with the family and the only day dedicated to God alone. The song Chineke Idi Mma from The Dynamites is a modern nigerian gospel song. It is quite different but not bad at all!
Enjoy your day with your loved ones and be happy that this week was a beautiful one and look forward to the next week!

Stay blessed

Love xoxox


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Retro Music: Awilo Longomba - Carolina

Hello Dears, I wish you a great Saturday. Today we visit the relatives, since I love to travel, I can not wait. Before we take off I would like to post a song from my childhood, Awilo Longomba - Carolina. I love this song to this day! Have fun with this song and enjoy your day!

love xoxox


Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Funke!!!

Funke Ayotunde Akindele

Today is the birthday of one of my favorite nollywood actress! It's Funke Oloyede Akindele, she was born on August 24, 1976. The 'Jenifa' actress celebrates her 36th Birthday! I wish her ​​all the best, good health and many happy moments!

Random Nail Inspiration II