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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Self-marketing good or bad?

In life you have to be able to sell yourself. The sale does not include any money in the literal sense but in a figurative sense. We sell ourself at work, we are always friendly, reliable, properly, hardworking ... Every day we try to get the best out of us, so that we stand out from the crowd. The whole is called self-marketing.We do this with neighbors, friends, acquaintances, relatives, even our children. The same thing we do with our life partners. We strive to be a good wife or girlfriend. We do the housework, prepare his favorite food, support him where we can. As a good and modern woman, we support our men financially if his salary is not enough. And exactly here I can bring a good example of a successful self-promotion.

I start with an example: In a household husband and wife are working. The salary of the husband is not enough to cover the entire cost, (400 ($ € ...) are required ...
(Ms A) Lets her salary automatically be paid into the joint account.
The first months the husband will be grateful to her, but after a while it becomes for granted.

(Mrs. B) Lets her salary be paid on her account and then gives it to her husband.
The content is the same, because each month both women give the money, but there is one big advantage for (Mrs. B), every month she reminds her husband that she helps him!
So he is forever grateful her! Simple game. "Do good and talk about it" (Walther fish). Even if she does not say anything, her act says everything. This woman finds a very effective and very subtle way to sell herself as a good and supportive wife every month. Some people understand the game very well and can use it anywhere, I think it's a super talent. Successful people use self-marketing to achieve their success.

How you market yourself at work, in marriage, with relatives or friends? What is your attitude about self marketing? Do you find it good, or rather bad?