Friday, January 24, 2014

Medical staff swapped his sperm with those of the husband

Unbelievable story!
A woman and her husband underwent infertility treatment in the early 1990s. Now they learn their daughter, contrary to what they thought, is not the man's biological child.
Instead, her biological father is a former medical technician responsible for preparing sperm samples.
That's the situation facing a family that received treatment at the University of Utah Community Laboratory and Reproductive Medical Technologies Inc., known as RMTI.

The university says it's investigating the case.
It has put together a panel of physicians and retained an independent medical ethicist. The university is also offering paternity testing to families that may be affected, and set up a hot line for patients with questions.
"We sympathize with the anxiety this family has experienced. We do not know how this occurred and are carefully reviewing the concerns raised," the University of Utah Health Care said

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