Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split

Sorry, but anyone is surprised that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are no longer together? The first time I saw them together, always have the feeling that it does not last long. She always looked depressed and shy, as if she does not feel well while he always turned up, and seemed unnatural. You'd think he would have taken something. The family always looked like drawing dolls, like in a movie, very surreal. The daughter, Suri, was always an object for the public. I always feel sorry for her, although as a child she had everything you could possibly buy with money. But money is not everything in life. I wish you God's blessing in further life, that everyone is happy in his own way. What do you think about them?A perfect example of Tom's strange way, one can see when he was invited by Oprah. Below you can see the video

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