Monday, June 25, 2012

Granddaughter killed by grandmother

This Sunday a two-year-old girl died from the consequences of her cut wounds. The parents took the child with her ​​five year old sister to the grandparents. The grandfather called on the night of Sunday, the police. An emergency doctor could do nothing for the girl. Probably has the grandmother of the girl, stabbed with a knife several times. The suspect was found drunk. This indeed happened in Germany in a small village.

I am shocked and saddened. Murders of children I think is the worst in the world. Small helpless creatures that can not defend itself. How much must this kid tried defend herself, how much she has been crying? The soul of the child may she rest in peace. If the grandmother has really done the crime, then she should be harshly punished. She can rot in hell then!

I myself have two children and try to be able to offset their parents. Such an act on her own child, can not be forgotten. But you can forgive it?
To be honest, I could not.

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