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Friday, June 22, 2012

Sentenced to death because of 10.50$ and milk

Hey Guys,
Ich habe heute auf lindaikeji eine unglaubliche Geschichte gelesen!
In what kind of world do we live? How can it be that a young man of 26 who is sentenced to death, just because he has stolen two bags of milk and a ridiculous sum of $ 10.50. Theft is not a trivial offense but the reason for such a theft is due to the poverty that prevails in the country. It would be better to fight poverty and imposed a milder punishment for such crimes. The death penalty has no relation to the value of the stolen property. Many officials leaders will steal a million times of this value this type of crime is not pursued, because they solve the issue with money! It is a shame! I wish the young man, that God stay with him, and the death penalty is not applied.

I pray for him!

Please comment. What do you think about that?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tiwa Savage or Linda Ikeji?

Tiwa Savage was held for Linda Ikeji! Tiwa Savage, Marvin Records, was mistaken by a man with Linda Ikeji. Tiwa Savage tweeted this on Thursday. A certain similarity exists between the actually known blogger, Linda Ikeji, and the singer. I think it can be seen on the two pictures, right? Tiwa Savage was not angry, she tweeted the following: ... my Twinnie :) As you can see from the pictures, the two personalities look very similar, right?

 I wish you a good night!

Tiwa Savage
Linda Ikeji

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Opinion# I'm tired of this!

Hello Guys,
I need to get rid of something today, it gets on my nerves having to read every day, that human being has eaten a part of the other. I do not want to read such news, I'm tired. As much as I like LindaIkejisBlog, but I do not want any more such messages. First, a person tears the face of another under drugs, then one student killed his roommate and eats the heart and brain, and today I have to find out that a mother has killed her child and ate the brain, what is this?

Linda, I love your Blog but please stop it! This is something I no longer want!

What do you think?

Please comment!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Opinion# Man buys his wife a N83m Rolls Royce as Birthday gift!

hello dear,
I have read this incredible message of and am more than amazed at the kind of great gift.A reader (Temi Doyin) mentioned my guess. On the other hand .. Guilt is all written on that gesture Definitely did something wrong .. lol
It smells like it or what do you think?

 Here you can read the article again