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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Corruption list 2012


Today the annual Corruption Perceptions Index 2012 was published. The ranking was very interesting for me.

The country with the least corruption in Africa is Botswana, it was ranked number 30 even before Spain( 30) and Italy(72). Ghana (64), Togo (128), Kenya and Nigeria shared (139). Most corrupt country, and also the bottom of the list is Somalia (174).
Denmark, Finland and New Zealand share the top spot!

Here are more results Germany (13), United Kingdom (17) and USA (19).

This list is very interesting to me. If you want to view the full list click here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Plus Size Womenswear by Kemi Farquharson

Kemi Farquharson
For plus sized women it is very difficult to find nice fitting Designer evening gown. But dear curvy beauties, there is HELP on the way. It's called Kemi Boutique!

Kemi Farquharson  was born in Nigeria, she grew up in London and established a first career in Business and Finance before Studying Professional Sewing, Pattern Cutting, Draping and Fashion Illostration at  Morley College...source 
Kemi's dress flatters the curves of a woman that allows her to feel like a goddess.

The Ready to Wear range serves customers from UK size 12 to size 24, and the bespoke service serves women of all shapes and sizes. 

Kemi Farquharson
Kemi Farquharson
For more informations and pieces, please visit their Website!