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Monday, March 7, 2016

Toyi Toyi Toys dolls

I'm so excited to introduce ToyiToyi Toys to you. Toyi Toyi Toys is Toys designed by African, for African in Africa and the world.  This is not a sponsored post. I really want us African to patronize our self-made goods and services. ToyiToyi Toys is a company from South Africa, found by Jennifer Blaine approximately two years ago. Jennifer Blaine recognized the underrepresentation of dark skinned dolls worldwide. With the belief that: A child’s perception of belonging and beauty needs to be positive and reflective of themselves. Children construct an identity from very early in life, so it is vitally important that children see themselves represented in the toys and dolls that they play with. By playing with black dolls a child’s self-esteem is raised and an identity is formed.

 So Toyi Toyi Toys created two dolls Princess Linda and Princess Lulu
Princess Linda

Princess Lulu
The company has teamed up with jewelry company Mauke V to design matching accessories for Princess Linda and Lulu

ToyiToyi Toys ships worldwide and their costumer service is great too! But this is the starting as Toyi Toyi Toys is working hard to bring a wider range of dark skinned dolls and even dark skinned action toys for boys, so stay tuned.