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Monday, November 26, 2012

Beauty of the Day - Yvonne Okoro!

Beautiful Ghanian actress Yvonne Okoro is today's beauty of the Day!
Yvonne celebrated her birthday yesterday!

Below are some facts about Yvonne Okoro

Yvonne Okoro is born to a Nigerian dad and Ghanaian mother.

Yvonne did Bachelor of Arts, combining English and Linguistics.  

This is her dog Pipi

Yvonne Okoro has received Ghana Movie Award's Best Actress Award in 2010

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yvonne Okoro has trouble with Miss Ghana organizer!

There is fire on the mountain. The Miss Ghana contest took place last Saturday. The winner is the beautiful Miss Naa Okailey shooter, a 22-year-old medical student at the University of Ghana.
So far so good! But a person does not seem to be very happy about this decision. The famous actress Yvonne Okoro is more than unhappy with this decision, which she promptly made ​​known on Youtube!Her sister Roseline Okoro has also participated in the pageant. Unfortunately she did not get a title.
Yvonne Okoro tweeted the following:
Now the organizer has made ​​comment on the allegations. In an interview with Hitz Entertainment News , Inna Mariam Patty, CEO of Exclusive Events (Organizers Of Miss Ghana )said Yvonne Okoro’s allegations are unfounded adding that it “shows that she is completely ignorant and does not know the definition of cheating. Ghanaians picked up the phone and voted and who voted? Rosaline Okoro [won the popular vote], do you call that rigging?”
The contestants, she noted, “have worked so hard to be where they are so if certain people do not clinch the title they should not be bitter about it and go about making false allegations. I believe in facts, so if you are saying ABC said it, put out their names and let’s investigate properly … to put an end to the typical attitude of tarnishing people’s reputation.” Inna Patty added that, she drafted the final question and “if we had cooked them to be winners, they would have given the perfect answers … none of them answered that question the way it was supposed to be.” “All these ladies were given equal platform, we as organizers are not out here to create a queen, we give people equal opportunity to be queens and if you naturally [are good] and you shine, it will be yours. People who are bitter out there should put an end to it because it will not help them” . Roseline Okoro’s performance, she added, on the night was not the best, “those who deserve to be in the top three [got there] and everybody is happy about it. It is a shame that people are out there trying to tarnish the reputation of our new queen and believe me, we will not let her go escort free.” Source:

Monday, August 20, 2012

Meaning of Yvonne

Good morning Dears, I hope you had had a wonderful Sunday as I do! As yesterday, the sun was very hot, we spent the whole day at home with cool drinks and delicious ice cream. It was really nice! 

Today we look at the meaning of the name Yvonne.

Yvonne Nelson

Famous bearers of the name are the two Ghanaian Actresses Yvonne Nelson and Yvonne Okoro and the U.S. actress Yvonne DeCarlo. What the name Yvonne has to do with the yew tree?

Yvonne Okoro

Let's start from the beginning, Yvonne is a female given name. It is French in origin, and is the female form of Yvon, Which is derived from the Germanic name Yves.
Yves comes from the Germanic 'Iv' which means yew!
Formerly with the wood of the yew bow for archer was made.Yvonne can therefore also mean archer.

Yvonne DeCarlo

Some names have a very unusual meaning that makes each name very interesting.

I wish everyone a great day.
yew tree

Love xoxox

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beauty of the Day - Yvonne Okoro

Ghanian Actress Yvonne Okoro

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