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Friday, June 29, 2012


Hey Guys,
Mario Balotelli, one of the most outstanding football player in the Championship. He's a great player, with great wit and art football without his two goals, Italy would not be drawn yesterday in the final. About him, there are many different opinions, because he is a polarizing person. So far, I was not thrilled by him, perhaps because he is very extroverted.
After some time I wanted to know more about him.
Mario Balotelli
I've found on Wikipedia the following about him:
Mario Balotelli was born in Palermo, Sicily to Ghanaian immigrants Thomas and Rose Barwuah. The family moved to Bagnolo Mella in the province of Brescia, in Lombardy, shortly after he was born. As an infant, he had life-threatening complications with his intestines Which led to a series of operations, Although his condition had improved by 1992nd Mario's health problems and the family's cramped living conditions meant the Barwuahs decided to ask for the help of social services who recommended that he be fostered.
In 1993, the Barwuah family agreed to entrust the three-year-old boy to Francesco and Silvia Balotelli, his new foster family from Concesio, Brescia, with the legal move formalized by the Court of Brescia. When Mario Balotelli return became famous, his biological parents asked for his. He later accused them of "glory hunting" Stating that they only wanted him back because of the prominence he had gained. According to Law 91 of 5 February 1992, Balotelli had to wait until his 18th birthday to request Italian citizenship, as the Balotellis had not adopted him. Balotelli officially gained citizenship in Concesio on 13 August 2008.
Mario has three biological siblings. Abigail, Enoch Barwuah and Angel Enoch Barwuah, two years his junior, had a trial at English Premier League side Stoke City in December 2011. 
A young and successful football player as he is, he has no difficulty to get women. As a story reveals about him. His former girlfriend found him in the act with three girls. He is a badboy :)
After all I've read about him, I start to like him.

What do you think about Mario Balotelli and do you know interessting stories about him?