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Friday, November 13, 2015

Meet! Ekky - singer from Uganda

Anybody who follow my blog since the beginning, will notice my love for Ugandan music. I fell in love 2009 when I listened to my first Ugandan song by the artist David Lutalo ft. Bebe Cool which was "I can see" I listened to that song many times a day but I wouldn't be fed up with it, up till now it is one of my favorite songs. Especially the female artist got my attention, such as Blue 3, Ray C, Sylvia Namugenyi, JulianKanyomozi, Rema, Benah Namisinga just to mention a few.  

So the day before yesterday I was browsing the Internet when I came across the video of the Dance group Tabu Flo which I shared here

The song used in that video was from the Ugandan songstress Ekky, the songs name is Do you remember me I loved it from the first beat, so I tried to find out more about her music, and what can I say;  she is great!
Ekky is a singer and songwriter residing in Ugandan capital city Kampala.

She is the daughter of a neurosurgeon (father) and a banker (mother), she has one little brother. She moved to London to persue her studies in the Aberystwyth University in Wales. In 2009 she gradueted with an LLB law degree. She worked shortly in London but decided to return to Uganda to follow her dream of becoming a singer.


Ekkys music career started 2012 with her debut single Why lie, it was very successful in Ugandan with many radio stations playing it.
In 2013, Ekky was nominated in two categories for the Hihipo music awards for best breakthrough artist and her single Why Lie for best Afropop and Soul song.

Ekky is currently working on her new studio album, "The African Love Story", the first song that she released from that album is Do you remember me

I personally can't wait to hear more of her music, make sure to follow her on social media such as:

Here are some of here songs that I like!

Ekky - Do you remember me

Ekky ft. Apass - Trouble Maker

Ekky - Nzijukira

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dance: Tabu Flo from Uganda!

I love, love this dancing group from Uganda! So refreshing and fun to watch! By the way  they choosed a great song by the  Ugandan artist Ekky. The song is called "Do you remember me"

 So beautiful people enjoy the dance performance and the song!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Witch doctor steal church property

A bad day recently has a witch doctor from Uganda. Mr Muwanga Jjaaja Benedict, a practicing witch doctor and also chairperson of witch doctors in his area is accused of stealing property from a pentecostal church.
Trouble begun when Jjaaja Muwanga tried to sell one of the stolen speakers which one of the residents was able to identify as one of the missing property from the church .He made an alarm and Jjaaja Muwanga was arrested.

The angry residents destroyed his Shrine and set it on fire. TV set, Amplifiers and Microphones were among the stolen items.Police is still investigating.

Well, times are tough, even for witch doctors.