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Monday, December 10, 2012


I read this article from TB Joshua Ministries on facebook. I really love the message: REJOICE
anyway, anytime and anywhere, because in all situation God is with you! WOW!

People of God, it is time to take back your situation from the hands of satan! How? By seeing that situation as a means of drawing you closer to God, not a reason to complain, grumble and fall into self-pity. Today, satan uses our situation to distract us from running the straight race with God. He is very subtle in using any slight opportunity to divert our attention when we are supposed to be focused on our Divine cause and course. Outward wants, afflictions and burdens are the great arguments satan uses to make the people of God question their sonship. 

Therefore, don’t be misled by your situation to fear! Don’t be deceived by your situation to question God’s goodness! Don’t be controlled by your circumstances to begin to compare yourself with others! Take it as a life lesson and see it as a reason to pray the more, believe the more and have faith the more. By this attitude, you have already taken back your situation from the hands of satan and it has become an instrument of strengthening your desire and determination to serve Christ. Therefore, you can be happy whereas there is nothing to be happy about on the outside! Rejoice! You are more than an overcomer!