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Saturday, January 16, 2016

From India to Europe with the bycicle for the love of the life!

Girls take out your tissues out Its getting emotional right here! An Indian man cycled from India to Europe just to be unite with the love of his life! He drove everyday about 70km (44 miles).

Indian artist PK Mahanandia met Charlotte Von Schedvin on a winter evening in Delhi in 1975 when she asked him to draw her portrait.
What eventually followed was an epic bicycle journey from India to Europe - all for love.

Ms Von Schedvin was visiting India as a tourist when she spotted Mr Mahanandia in Delhi's Connaught Place district.
He had made a name for himself as a sketch artist and enjoyed a good reputation in the local press.
Intrigued by his claim of "making a portrait in 10 minutes", she decided to give it a try.
But she wasn't impressed with the result and decided to come back the next day.
The next day sadly, proved no better.

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