Thursday, January 10, 2013

Champagner of Palm wine

Finally a great invention! Almost every West African knows palm wine. Now an Agricultural Association from Togo has come up with something new. They have made ​​a champagne made ​​from palm wine. In my opinion, a great idea, because the palm wine is a traditional drink in West Africa as well as the grape wine for France or Italy. This is a great finishing of the popular beverage. One bottle of this Champagne costs 35 Euro (45 USD). So friends, the next time you have something to celebrate bring out a toast with a champagne of palm wine instead of the usual Moet champagne:)
Here is a video showing the introduction of the Drink!

Nicki Minaj looking fab!

I'm not a big fan of Nicki Minajs music but there is something about her that annoys me more, her outfits! She almost always looks horrible. Her mixe of neo colors, crazy prints and fucked up make up annoys me every time I see her. But as the new year starts, she change too. See this picture of her. I like the all black outfit. I wish she could remove this pink lip stick. But anyhow she looks fly in this outfit!
Keep it up!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Music: TY Bello - Greenland

TY Bello is a nigerian singer and portrait photographer. She starts with her singing career with the Gospel group KUSH. She covered the current Issue of "MANIA"
TY is a multifaceted young woman. She stages an annual photography exhibition to raise funds for orphans across the country. She is also a Director of Link-a-child; an NGO dedicated to propagating information on orphanages in Nigeria and soliciting sponsorship on their behalf. Through the songs in her new album, TY seeks to take fans through the journey of her life and the lessons she has learnt on that journey. “Green Land is like a journal of my everyday life and the different phases that I have been through over the years. I wrote the songs on this album in my moments of doubt, my moments of triumph and my relationship with God.” TY’s album was produced by Mosa Adegboye, a talented young Nigerian with as much hope in our Green Land as TY herself. source:

Watching 3D movie made me pregnant ;)

Hello Dears,

There are some story you read and you ask yourself...WTF? ''This is one such story!

What the hell...?

No words....

Swedish news broadcast shows porn

In the foreground, the presenter spoke about the war in Syria, in the background on a monitor ran a sex film: A private TV station in Sweden has committed a serious faux pas.
The Swedish private television channel TV4 has run in its morning news in the background a porno. While the moderator spoke to a correspondent in Moscow on the Syrian conflict whille the erotic film was visible behind the presenter for about 10 minutes.

The student Danyal Ek witness the memorable show. "First I've noticed that I saw a naked woman, and then I quickly realized that they had sex," he told the Swedish news site The Local. "The image was not in focus, but it was not hard to figure out what was going on".

TV4 news editor Andreas Haglind confirmed that the adult film had been shown live, but claimed that didn't mean that a member of staff was actively watching porn.
He said it was screen was likely tied to a computer server elsewhere in the studio connected to other channels operated by TV4.

Outraged viewers Haglind comforted with the fact that the error had happened on Monday morning: "There all the children were in school." and that they would do everything possible to ensure that such an incident does not repeat.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Throw back...Togo vacations

Hello Dears,

three days ago I came back from my Togo vacations. I miss the great weather, good food and nice people. The most important person was my grandmother, I'd spent the first 10 years of my life with her, and they were wonderful years. I am grateful to God that I could hug my grandma again.Here are some pics of my time in Togo!

I enjoyed my homecountry

my two sons

my grandmom
my son enjoying the beach


trip to a former kingdom