Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beauty of the Day - Dieyna Valera!

Good morning Darlings,

"God doesn't want you to 
stay the way you are.
He wants to mold
you into what He
intended you to be."

DIEYNA VALERA - Miss Sénégal Paris 2013

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bar Rafaeli - I like

Israeli super model Bar Rafaeli wear this outfit for German late night show "TV Total".
I love this dressing, created by Israeli fashion label PAS POUR TOI!

Music: D'Prince - Take Banana

Hey Guys, What do you think about the song of D'Prince "Take Banana"? For a good song, you need more than just half-naked girls who wiggle their Bum Bum. Maybe the song title said it all!

Azonto Dance video!

Hey Guys, soon you made it! Then we have the work behind us and be able to go home! Until then, let me sweeten your waiting time with this great Azonto dance video! The guys in this video are very good dancer, I think!

Beauty queen died during fighting between drug criminals and the police!

On Saturday during fighting between the Mexican Army and drug criminals five people were killed - including 22-year-old beauty queen, Maria Susana Flores. Maria Susana Flores was chosen the most beautiful woman in the northern state of Sinaloa in Mexico. The young woman had been in the group that fought against the soldiers, said the prosecutor of the State of Sinaloa. traces of smoke was also found on Flores' body, an indication that she had used a weapon. According to media reports Flores was traveling with her boyfriend, who was also killed. The armed group apparently had connections to one of the country's powerful drug cartels. Drug criminality is a huge problem in Mexico. Since 2006, 50,000 people died of the drug war in Mexico.

Hip Moustache - Do you like?

Darlings, what do you think about Moustache on a man? Do you like it and which type is your favorite? My hubby has sometimes a small on on the upper lip, I like it!
This video is produced by Ashton Kutcher & Anthony Batt showing 10 Guys with their Moustache.
#2 is cute!